Green color chalice covers set, fully embroidered

Green color chalice covers set, fully embroidered

The new one chalice covers set, fully embroidered. Green color with gold metallic thread.Textile-brocade (possible to change). With three icons-st Seraphim, st. Nicholas and Holy Trinity.

"Also on this table is a special liturgical knife, symbolically called the spear, that is used for cutting the eucharistic bread (prosphora) and a liturgical spoon for administering holy communion to the people. There are also special covers for the chalice and diskos and a cruciform piece of metal called the asterisk or star that holds the cover over the eucharistic bread on the diskos. A sponge and cloths for drying the chalice after the liturgy are also usually kept here. The Prothesis is decorated in a manner similar to that of the altar table. Above the Prothesis may be found various icons, often one of Christ praying in Gethsemene: "Let this cup pass..."


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