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Orthodox priest vestments, Purple Color in Greek Style

Orthodox priest vestments, Purple Color in Greek Style

Very good quality orthodox priest vestments with fully embropidered gallons. Ready to use. 

Making with your sisez.

Long term of use.

For order, 3-4 weeks.




    • Epimanikia: same as the deacon's, except the priest wears his over the sticharion
    • Epitrachelion: the priestly stole, worn around the neck
    • Zone: cloth belt worn over the epitrachelion
    • Phelonion - large conical sleeveless garment worn over all other vestments, with the front largely cut away to facilitate the priest's movements
    • Nabedrennik: from the Slavic traditions; a stiffened square cloth worn on the left side via a long loop of cloth placed over the right shoulder (if the epigonation/palitsa has also been awarded, the nabedrennik is worn on the left side); this is a clergy award, so it is not worn by all priests
    • Epigonation/Palitsa: like the nabedrennik, except it is diamond-shaped and always worn on the right side (loop over the left shoulder); also a clergy award; in Byzantine practice, denotes a priest blessed to hear confessions

    You have 14 days to check the quality and sizes of your vestments.

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