Fully-embroidered Orthodox epitaphios (shroud) of Christ our God

Traditional fully-embroidered Orthodox Christian epitaphios (shroud) of the Most Holy Theotokos. Embroidery, velvet/wool. 


Gold-metallic, rayons and polyester threads.


Central icon size: 17.3''x26.0'' (44x66 cm); overall size: 35.0''x44.1'' (89x112 cm).


Can be made in two weeks.


The Epitaphios (Greek: Επιτάφιος, epitaphios, or Επιτάφιον, epitaphion; Slavonic: Плащаница, plashchanitsa; Arabic: نعش, naash) is an icon, today most often found as a large cloth, embroidered and often richly adorned, which is used during the services of Great Friday and Holy Saturday . It also exists in painted or mosaic form, on walls or panels.




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